Want uninteruptible electricity? Which solar energy company in Nigeria to choose?

Which solar energy company is the best in Nigeria? Electrical Power availability in our homes and business places is a major issue in Nigeria.

In our last post, we treated Why Nigerians are not going solar where we listed the major factors. I advice any one interested to refer to the post by clicking on the link. But now, a good population of Nigerians wants to go solar. By going solar, we mean they would love to generate their own electricity by themselves via clean means and in this case solar, that is energy from the sun.

From the market trend, many Nigerians will prefer to install and Inverter deep cycle backup system first, after which they later add solar panels to the configuration. In this case, the user uses power from the grid also known as NEPA to recharge his deep cycle batteries. But this NEPA power is not stable. It fluctuates and in many parts of Nigeria lasts only less than 8 hours on a good day and no power at all on normal days. This is better in other parts. So for example, on May 2018, Guardian Nigeria reported:

Nigeria’s electricity generation capacity dropped from the 5,222.3 megawatts (MW) attained earlier this year to 2,329.9 MW on May 6.This meant that e country lost about 3,710.8MW due to gas, line and frequency constraints, which is the equivalent of N1.870billion, according to the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

On this same day, the country’s national peak demand was 19,100MW, with installed capacity of 11,165.40MW, but only 7,139.60MW available due to inadequate gas as well as transmission, and issues, which have not been resolved over the years.

This is why people wants to go solar. But whichever way, solar companies install both your inverter and your solar power system.

So what is the best company in Nigeria to install your solar power system?

Its easy to ask a question as this and expect a definite and straightforward answer. I will not do that, rather I will provide you with tips and what to look out for in a good solar company in Nigeria.

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How to spot a good solar company in Nigeria:

  • Check their portfolio: Yes you must give anyone the benefit of doubt irrespective of their company data available for you. I advice you start by checking the past works the company has done. Request for it and any good solar company will not hesitate in giving you a link to their past works. They may also want to send the pictures to you via Whatsapp, by email  or any other platform. Now you need to figure out a way of verifying the authenticity of the works shown to you. Yes they can easily upload a picture from the internet so you need to learn how to verify the pictures. You can use Google Image to search for the pictures but I prefer you see the picture of an engineer putting on the company shirt or something. I mean something like this:
  •  Physical location: Every good solar company should have a physical location. Physical offices separate registered solar companies from DIY guys and installers. You must make sure they are not just online but they have an address, a traceable one. That you saw an address on the internet is not enough. Many addresses on the internet can not be traced, many are vague and ambiguous. So I think you must verify that this company has a physical store and not just online. Why verify the company office? Your solar installation should come with a warranty and the warranty provider must have an office. One way of doing this is attempting to search for them on Google map, many businesses are listed on Google map. most times, Google verifies this address before listing them on their search directory and map. But this is not as effective as visiting the store yourself. Going solar is a huge investment and you need not play dice with it. If you can not visit, why don’t you request for a picture? Something like this:
Wavetra Energy store
  • Warranty policy: As already hinted, a good solar company must provide you a warranty on the items you purchased and also on the installation itself. What I mean is that all the components plus installation must be covered under their warranty policy. Let me explain more, for example, your solar panels, charge controllers, Inverters, Deep cycle batteries and all components must be covered under their warranty and also the installation itself. Once again, request and carefully study their warranty policy. This should be forwarded to you as soon as possible. A good company has this in place and will not craft out something upon your request. This is an example of a warranty policy, this is our warranty policy at Wavetra Energy.
  • Testimonial: What do people say about the company? Why don’t you google it? People usually post their bad experience online. Google it. If the company is on Google then check their star ratings. If not check out what people say on social forums and blogs. You may also want to ask people who may know the website.

There are other factors but confirm this and you will be very close to the answer of your quest. Good luck.

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You want to know the cost of going solar? Our team at Wavetra Energy can help you go solar. Click here to get a free quote.

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