Wavetra Energy Academy

Learn solar and Inverter installation in Nigeria’s no 1 Solar training academy – Wavetra Energy Academy. Get free solar inverter training manual and data CD.

We have consistently delivered excellent results at Wavetra Energy Academy that made us the most preferred Solar and Inverter installation learning institute in Nigeria. Our Course catalogue is top notch and more comprehensive than any other training center, yet at a very affordable price.

We established Wavetra Energy Academy to help develop people who has interest in the renewable energy sector. This training is also our contribution to the human capital development of Nigeria.

Wavetra Energy Academy - solar inverter training

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What you will learn:


1. Introduction to renewable energy
2. Understand and identify the various types of Solar Panels: Polycrystalline, Amorphous & Monocrystalline Technologies.
3. Sizing of solar panels
4. Parallel, series and parallel-series connection of panels
5. Understanding, sizing and installation of solar charge controllers
How to install Inverter and deep cycle batteries
6. Roof mounting techniques and accessories
7. Energy Efficiency, Energy Auditing, System design


8. Understand Inverter Load & Power Estimations & Calculations
9. Learn about Battery technology and types of batteries
10. Understand Types of Inverter and specification
11. Basic semiconductor devices
12. Introduction to electronic circuit design
13. How to write Solar Business proposal


14. Sketchup Introduction
15. PVsyst introduction

Business Mentorship

17. Digital Marketing
18. Renewable Energy Website setup
19. Business Document templates (Invoice, Proposals, etc.)
20. Job opportunities

What happens after the training?

After a successful completion of the training program, Wavetra Energy LTD continues to support you. We provide employment opportunities from our firm and other companies. We provide internship opportunities. We will also add you to our exclusive WhatsApp support group.

How to register:

We have now moved our trainings online and it is free. Please click here to register and enroll.