Wavetra Energy Academy Asaba, Delta state training begins

As part of our vision and commitment to promoting renewable energy and empowering Nigerians, Wavetra Energy Academy Inaugurated it’s first cohorts of trainees in our  Asaba Branch, in attendance were students from various walks of life who were excited about the world class training we offer in our branches across the country.

Solving Nigeria’s energy nightmares has been a protracted battle and one that needs to be solved imminently, and we believe that a change in strategy which is the renewable energy strategy will help in consolidating the progress made over the years by providing accessible and safer  energy solutions to millions of people who are thrown into darkness due grid associated problems.

We understand that training a pool of technicians on the technicalities involved in safe solar energy installations, understanding system sizing, differentiating different types of panels and ultimately understanding the principles of solar energy systems is vital for creating a viable ecosystem for the renewable energy industry in Nigeria
Speaking after Day one , Victor a trainee who came all the way from Abuja had to say,  “I’m excited to be here, I am interested in understanding how solar energy works and the technicalities involved, this training is an eye opener” he concluded
   As a Company,we believe that our existence is tied to the environment and sustaining the environment by reducing carbon footprint is critical to creating a safer world for all us all.

  In the next 5 days participants will be equipped with theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge on ingredients critical to becoming Solar technicians and engineers, after the training they will be inducted into our wide alumni network offering opportunities for growth and development.
 “We are privileged to be part of this journey with these trainees, as a company we are enthusiastic about our students’ growth and development” said Emo Sado the business development manager for Wavetra.

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