Solar power system sizing, power auditing and design

Now that you have learned a great deal about solar panels from the last lesson, now we will move on to another important subject: Solar panel sizing and design. In this section, I will advice you to take your time. Its quite easy to estimate and understand, you only have to take your time to understand the units involved and the subsequent calculations.

Understanding the solar panel sizing will distinguish you from thousands of solar installers out there. Many of them work on a rough estimation of 2 x 300W solar panel to 1 x 200Ah deep cycle battery. But this system design and calculation will help you understand what you really need and how to achieve the power autonomy you desire.

How much solar power do I/my client need?

This is perhaps the most important question in solar power system installation. How will you determine the number of solar panels needed for a particular job?

We have seen several videos on this topic but this one by Duet Justus stands out. Its a 15 minutes video, but I advice you to take your time and learn it over and over again.

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