How we protect our customer: Replacing a faulty inverter in Abuja

We don’t share our experience all the time but we think this one is worthy of note. We completely replaced a faulty 12kVA inverter in Abuja that is still covered under our warranty  policy.

So this one is special to us because the inverter was not installed in a well ventilated environment and it gets hot while in operation. Inverters should be installed in an environment with at least room temperature. There also should be space for the fan to blow outout up internal heat of the inverterĀ  In this case The inverter was installed in a close stuffy environment which is a no no for any inverter to effectively operate. So the inverter’s internal protection system turns out off automatically to avoid any damage of its components. This is one great feature of the LionRock super rugged invertersĀ 

Now under normal circumstance, this installation would void a company’s warranty product coverage but not with Wavetra Energy LTD. So I’m sharing this to show you how far we can go to protect our customer 

So what was Wavetra Energy response?

We tried to trouble shoot the problem via phone but the inverter was adamant on shutting down itself. We have sold several units of this model and have had excellent appraisal on the performance of the inverter. We also have returning customers pick new ones up. So what could be the problem with this one? 

Now since the customer is in Abuja and he bought from our Abuja office through, we could ask him to send back the inverter to Lagos before we give him a brand new replacement. Doing this will not be wrong as the customer can not have two inverters at a time. But…

This will also affect the customer’s business because his client needed a working system as soon as possible. So this is what we did. 

As I write now, our team is still in Abuja. We requested to inspect the installation. Before then we sent s brand new 12kVA inverter to the customer who received it around the time Wavetra Energy team got to Abuja.

We confirmed our earlier suspicion that the inverter was installed in a closed a stuffy place. The new inverter was installed with an adjustment on the installation site. The customer reports that everything works fine now ☺

We promised the customer a cash payment of N10, 000 for the transportation of the inverter and he is certainly very happy.

So we are sharing this real life example to assure you that we go a long way in absolving any risk. We support our customers from purchase to delivery to installation and maintenance usually at no extra cost. Wavetra got you covered. 

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