Developing countries suffer climate change effcts most – NASA pictures

Everybody talk about climate change but do you understand this live earth picture I took from NASA website? The developed world produce most of the CO2 through their activities but the developing countries including 100% of Africa suffer it most. CO2 depletes the ozone layer and make the climate warmer. See how Europe, USA, Russia and other developed countries is almost green and we have very high CO2 concentration?

This is a true reflection of the Igbo proverb that says “Nkita raa nsi, eze eree ewu” or “the dog eats human faeces but still has white teeth while it is the goat’s teeth that gets rotten.”

Now take a look at the picture below:

So this is not all the information we can get from the NASA earth now images. We will also take a look at the ozone layer in the earth’s stratosphere and see how it is spread across the planet earth and across the continents. See picture below:

So what can you say about the picture? You see how Europe and North America and Russia is all shades of green? This shows about the highest concentration of the ozone layer which makes the environment warmer and safer for human habitation. Now the bluer it gets, the lower the ozone layer.

So what colour is our Africa in the picture? Blue! Sadly. What makes it worse is that Africa is the least developed continent and we contribute very little to the earth’s aerosol pollution and human activities.

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