Amazing universal Solar panel charger for laptop, mobile phone, tablets and car batteries!

This is not your typical solar charger, it is a highly efficient US made Sunpower foldable 80W solar panel charger (>22% efficiency panel) with inbuilt voltage regulator that will effectively recharge your laptop, mobile phone, iPad and other Android and Windows tablet and also car batteries. Item is foldable and looks like a fashinable bag after folding it. See the picture for reference. Why 80W? Because your typical solar charger does not have enough surface area and panel efficiency to deliver enough power that will charge your laptop and mobile phones. This one does the job! No installation is needed. Simply plug this product to your device and it starts to charge once exposed to light! Package comes with charging accessories for your laptop, tablets, mobile phones and 12V batteries. Please see the amazing tested and proven specifications of product below.

Click to watch Our live video of the product below:

This product is also m

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