Where and how to repair faulty rechargeable fans in Nigeria

This post is a continuation of our series on the easiest and quickest way to repair your broken gadgets in Nigeria Today we shall look at how and where you can fix your broken solar or rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

Rechargeable fans are popular these days and its indispensable in a lot of Nigerian homes. The primary reason is due to the the unavailability of power when you need it and also due to our hot tropical climate. So people prefer rechargeable fans because they keep working even after NEPA or power from the grid goes off.

Some of these rechargeable lights are purely DC and they work directly with solar panels which recharges the fans during the day. Also these fans has an adapter that converts the AC from the wall socket to DC for recharging the batteries. the others work both ways – DC and AC.

It is very common for this fan to break down from our observation so we shall show you where you can easily get it fixed.

How you can repair your rechargeable fan or broken electronics gadgets in Nigeria:

Wavetra Energy LTD partners with which we introduce to you now. is a platform that lets you access instant help from a community of engineers and technicians for FREE when you simply ask question.

The online platform also lets you request either for a pickup or for you to drop off the faulty device for an instant repair at a very affordable fee.

Why choose 3 reasons: is solving our everyday problem of getting our broken gadgets back to excellent working condition. Yes anyone can unscrew and open your inverter but the advantage of using is:

  1. Warranty: We provide warranty on every repair. With this protection, we guarantee you an excellent service and further warranty service if something goes wrong within the limited warranty time frame.
  2. Fast/Quick repair service: Our engineers and technicians are on ground to diagnose and repair your electronics. For example, we understand that your inverter is a vital power supply component in your home or office. We will fix it as soon as possible so that you will regain uninterrupted power supply in your home or office.
  3. Scheduled pickup and delivery service: So what if you are very busy and you can’t get the broken appliance to our repair store? We have dispatch riders and delivery team that will come with our technician to pick up the faulty device, repair it and bring it back to you!!!

So head on to  to get started.

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