Wavetra Energy Unveils Paykobo Plan In Partnership With Sterling Bank

The management of Wavetra Energy in a bid to service its large customer base has signed an agreement with Sterling bank, a notable commercial bank in Nigeria to help customers who are in need of a solar system to switch to an alternate form of energy. Getting a solar system is an investment. The challenge many people face is the paying the initial investment capital. This is where Wavetra Energy’s partnership with Sterling becomes very useful as it let’s users access the full funds from the bank all at once.

Wavetra Energy LTD signed Service Level Agreement with Sterling Bank which is a win win for our customers and Wavetra Energy LTD.

  Speaking more on the implication of the agreement the MD asserted that the plan will help consumers of power who are desirous of having a solar system have the system installed for them while they pay up in installment, this he said, will solve the myriad of problems facing Nigerians when it comes to power, and get them becoming productive again as power and productivity are intertwined he noted.

Sterling Bank

Photo: Nairametrics

  Customers seeking to pay in installments are required to be ‘credit worthy’ and also have an account domiciled in any of the Nigerian banks, other requirements include sharing your data with our banking partners so we can conduct a credit assessment before installation can commence on the site. Sterling Bank will determine the worthiness of the customer and has assured they will not hesitate to fund any one interested in this facility.

   “Renewable Energy is the future and as a company, we are doing all we can to make sure everyone has access to affordable solutions to power their needs” Emohirere Sado who heads Asaba branch said.

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