The management of Wavetra Energy Academy has successfully trained another set of Solar technicians and Engineers in the renewable energy space, this is coming barely one month after the first and pioneer set of trainees in it’s Asaba training center were trained and awarded the highly sought after Wavetra Energy Academy certificate.

After one week of intensive training where trainees were introduced to renewable energy, types of renewable energy, system sizing, power auditing, energy management, and a business class to walk them hand in hand into the economic value of the industry and how they can start their own solar businesses, participants expressed delight at the opportunity offered them by Wavetra Energy Academy.

“This is my second training, I trained first in Abuja but comparatively, Wavetra Energy Academy’s training is the best, if I’m to rate this training on a scale of 1-5, I will rate this training 5” said a trainee who came all the way from Adamawa State in North Eastern Nigeria, who Identified as Engr. Jonathan Yakubu Msc, B.Eng. who is also a member of COREN. 

Ugberaese Akhere Emmanuel an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Port Harcourt also expressed pleasure at how he has been exposed to quality information that he cannot quantify in monetary terms, he hopes that after the training his business will have a solar department to carter for consumer needs in Port Harcourt.

At Wavetra Energy Academy, we understand that Energy plays a vital role in the advancement of a country’s economy, and the use of energy as a means of poverty eradication by providing employment opportunities to the teeming graduates cannot be over emphasized, Energy supports the provision of basic needs such as cooked food, a comfortable living temperature, lighting, the use of appliances, piped water or sewerage, essential health care (refrigerated vaccines, emergency, and intensive care), educational aids, communication (radio, television, electronic mail, the World Wide Web), and transport. Energy also fuels productive activities including agriculture, commerce, manufacturing, industry, and mining. Conversely, a lack of access to energy contributes to poverty and deprivation and can contribute to the economic decline.
“ If our lives depends on Energy in form of electricity and with the recent increase in electricity tariff across the country, it is important that we look at other cheaper and pollution free sources of energy to power our homes, we know how critical it is to train manpower capable of servicing the demands of the Nigerian consumer space, this is why Wavetra is doing what it is doing and making the fees very cheap and affordable” said Peter Ojike who heads Wavetra as the CEO.
Meanwhile registration for the next batch of training is ongoing and interested students can register here, while Wavetra continues to Lead the Nigerian Market as a key player in the renewable energy industry in training manpower and system installations we hope people take this opportunity to become independent.

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