Wavetra completes a 5kVA solar Inverter offgrid system at Mowe-Ibafo

We are excited to announce the completion of a 5kVA inverter system and solar power installation for our client at Mowe-Ibafo in Ogun state but close to Berger, Lagos state.

This system is designed as a backup solution for a duplex house with about 3 hours power outage every day, which is fair in Nigerian standard.

We installed used a 5kVA hybrid inverter for this job. The energy storage used is a 48V 5kWh LiFePO4 batteries. Wavetra is one of th efew companies in Nigeria that are pioneering and popularizing Lithium ion batteries in the country. LiFePO4 battery is preferred because it withstands longer cycles than the typical VRLA batteries.

See some of the pictures below:

solar Inverter offgrid system at Mowe-Ibafo
solar Inverter offgrid system at Mowe-Ibafo

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