This is the 5 reasons why going solar may not be for you

This is the 5 reasons why we strongly advice you not to go solar if you live in Nigeria. We said Nigeria because our study is based on a Nigerian database. We at Wavetra Energy LTD recently checked our client database and we found out that our customers who prefer to generate electricity for their homes and businesses fall into at least one of these 5 groups below. You may not need to go solar if NONE of this relates to you.

1.  Can not tolerate noise: Most of our customers simply hate noise or live/work in environments like estates where generator noise is prohibited.

2. Wants a cheaper source of electricity: Our customers hates spending so much on gasoline. They want a cheaper source like SOLAR.

3. Can afford the initial cost of solar installation: The initial cost of solar may be high but our customers can afford this because solar pays itself even from 6 months of use.

4. Environmental friendly: Generally, our customers worry about about plastic pollution, climate change, noise and air pollution. They care that’s why they go solar.

5. Wants real time UNINTERRUPTIBLE power supply: Unlike diesel generator, solar/inverter power system turns itself automatically when there is power failure from the grid, the transfer time is in milliseconds which is less than one second.

If you fall into any of the above 5 categories then solar is for you. For FREE SOLAR CONSULTATION,you can call or Whatsapp us at 08157171707.

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