Now you can learn solar and inverter system Installation in Port Harcourt Rivers State

We proudly present our new Wavetra Energy Academy renewable energy training institute in Port harcourt, Rivers State where you can learn how to install solar panels, inverters, deep cycle batteries and a complete solar and inverter power system.

We have so far trained 200 renewable energy entrepreneurs across the nation, many of them coming from the Northern region including Maiduguri, Kano, Abuja, Benue and also from the South East region of Nigeria especially Enugu and Owerri.Interestingly, a good proportion of our trainees always come form Port Harcourt, Warri, Calabar, Bayelsa and from other corners of the Niger Delta region.

Why a solar Inverter training center in Port Harcourt?

First of all as we pointed out, we have trained a lot of people from the South South region and we noticed that their major constraint is the distance and cost of accommodation in Lagos. We also have a lot of many other people in this region that are interested in learning renewable energy and solar installation but couldn’t participate because of the same distance and accommodation barrier.

solar inverter training center in Port Harcourt

Our team deliberated this for a long time between opening a center in Port Harcourt and elsewhere. After a long deliberation we have finally decide to open a renewable energy institute in Port Harcourt. We are also launching our warehouse and office in Port Harcourt too.

Course outline:

Here is a summary of what you will learn in our intensive solar training program in Port Harcourt:

Independent Solar installers make up to ₦850,000 from a single solar power system installation.

1. Introduction to renewable energy
2. Understand and identify the various types of Solar Panels: Polycrystalline, Amorphous & Monocrystalline Technologies.
3. Sizing of solar panels
4. Parallel, series and parallel-series connection of panels
5. Understanding, sizing and installation of solar charge controllers
How to install Inverter and deep cycle batteries
6. Roof mounting techniques and accessories
7. Energy Efficiency, Energy Auditing, System design


8. Understand Inverter Load & Power Estimations & Calculations
9. Learn about Battery technology and types of batteries
10. Understand Types of Inverter and specification
11. Basic semiconductor devices
12. Introduction to electronic circuit design
13. How to write Solar Business proposal

14. Google sketch-up application
15. Digital Marketing Introduction

How to register:

Please send a WhatsApp message to 08157171707. We will update this soon once you review and finalize all the training programs for our Port Harcourt office.

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