Inverter battery prices in Nigeria, 200Ah, 100Ah, etc.

Below is the genuine prices of Inverter prices in Nigeria. You will find prices of 200Ah, 150Ah, 100Ah, etc. If you are considering going solar or if you already have an Inverter system installation, this post will be indispensable to you.

Usually, the price of a product depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors are:

  1. Brand: brand comes first because it appears that the more popular a brand is, the more expensive it becomes too. This is usually because popular brands usually have more buyers and the demand and supply law tells us that an increase in demand without a commensurate increase in supply usually leads to price hike. Also popular brands are usually trusted and users can even overpay for the actual value they get from it.
  2. Quality: Irrespective of the brand, the quality of the battery will determine the cost of the battery. The major constituent of deep cycle batteries is the Lead (Pb) mineral. Its usually the more lead, the higher the price. So heavier batteries tend to cost more than the less weight batteries.
  3. Store Location: The last but not the list i the location of the store. The dealer must factor in the cost of transportation of the batteries from the port to his store. For example, a dealer in Lagos who is closer to the port will most likely sell less expensive than those in Kastina, etc.

Prices of 200Ah, 150Ah, 100AH, etc. Inverter batteries in Nigeria:

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