How to connect batteries in parallel (with video)

Tool needed for this connection:

  • Connectors
  • Plier,
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Spanner,
  • Voltmeter or Multi-meter.

     On this post today, we will talk about how you connect batteries in parallel and give you a practical guide on how you can do them using the tools mentioned above, the connectors are a set of cable used to connect both battery terminals, they must be of equal length to allow for equal flow of current, another important point is that cables must be of equal thickness and size.

  Another tool needed when paralleling batteries is a plier used in cutting cables, trust me you wouldn’t want to be cutting cables with your teeth, so get a plier which is available in stores at a very affordable rate.

   You will need bolts and nuts to fasten the connectors to the battery terminals, the essence of this is to avoid sparks as a result of partial connection, when the battery is finally on load.

  Another tool needed is the spanner to help you tighten the connectors to the battery terminals, for me I think this tool is very much important when joining battery terminals together.

 Then the voltmeter or multimeter for testing the voltage of the battery after the connections are done. Watch this video to have a quick tutorial on the how to connect batteries in parallel

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