How Solar/Inverter electricity system works

You might be wondering how this solar thing works. I will show you in this post how your solar/inverter system works, that is how you can generate consumable electricity from your PV installation. First of all PV is another name for your solar panel. It is an acronym for Photo Voltaic which is more like a technical name for your solar panels. Photo(light) Voltaic(energy, current). Before we go proper into how the solar electricity system works, let us first of all look at the individual components that make up a solar/inverter system. Your solar and Inverter system especially in Nigeria, is made up of at least 4 components. The components are in this order:

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Solar charge controller
  3. Deep cycle batteries
  4. Inverter/Charger

The four components above are what you need to install a standalone system, that is to install a solar electricity system that is capable of generating its own electricity and also store it for later use especially at night when there is no sunlight. How solar/Inverter electricity system works…

Photo credit: Rising bunkersFirst stage: Your solar panels produces electricity ones sunlight strikes on it. The type of electrical current produced by your panel is Direct Current (DC). But the current from your wall socket and for your primary home appliances is Alternating Current (AC).Second stage: Your solar charge controller is connected directly from your panel to your batteries. As its name implies, it regulates or controls the amount of current that goes into your battery.   Third stage: Your deep cycle batteries stores the electricity or current that your panel produces. This is very important and needful so that you can get power when there is no sunlight like in the night.   Fourth stage: Next is the Power Inverter. Remember that the electricity generated by our panels and stored in your batteries is DC (direct current). But you need AC for your appliances. The inverter converts or inverts this DC into AC. Some Inverters have inbuilt chargers which can recharge your battery via alternative means like national grid AKA NEPA. So this solar power system is sustainable and will continue to generate electricity for you as long as there is sunlight. You can contact us for solar system installation and sales.

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