How much is solar panels in Nigeria? See the latest estimate updated regularly

In Nigeria, the cost of solar panels can be expensive especially with rising inflation and the consequent devaluation of the Naira. It is set to even hit the roof. However, it is worth of note that the global cost of solar panels is crashing and there is no sign that the cost of panels will increase in the near future.

So this post is for anyone, who simply wants to get an idea on what solar panels cost right now in Nigeria.

  Solar panels also known as PV modules are an important component of a solar energy system that convert energy from the sun into electrical Energy that charges your battery so that energy can be stored for future use, while the inverter converts direct current coming from the battery into alternating current to be used by your electronic appliances.

The price of solar panels in Nigeria as I have researched from top importers and manufacturers selling in Nigeria for a 300W solar panel is on the average of N50,000 or N40,000 to N70,000.

So the first thing to consider is the capacity of solar panel you want to buy.

You need to understand what you are buying, the quality is more important than the actual price, for example a mono crystalline solar panel might cost more than a polycrystalline solar panel this is because Monocrystalline solar panel tend to yield more in terms of efficiency than a polycrystalline solar panel in standard conditions, hence the less efficient ones will cost less.

The same apply to monocrystalline panels across brands, some are more efficient than the other. So the more efficient a solar panel is, the higher the cost.

 For example if you check Wavetra Energy’s website here, you will find out that a polycrystalline PV module costs less than a mono, this is because Polycrystalline modules are less efficient.

price of solar panels in Nigeria

Another factor responsible for the price of solar panels is the brand producing the panels, there are many brands producing Solar panels and they include SunPower, LG, Panasonic, Silfab. Q CELLS, Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar and a host of others, these brands are known names in the renewable energy space, their prices will differ from a brand not yet known in the market.

Prices of solar panels in Nigeria from our website:

Please use the product lists below and the prices to ascertain the cost of solar panels in Nigeria with respect to their capacities in Nigeria. We offer same day delivery to any solar panel or other component you purchase from us.

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