Free study/educational mobile app for Secondary school and High school students released

We are glad to announce that our partner company: StopLearn has released their free mobile app for secondary school students and High school students. The app is completely free for students with no subscription or credit card required in anyway. Students have full access to all the packages, videos, animations and lesson notes provided.

Free Secondary school online mobile application

How to download the StopLearn Free Student educational study application:

Downloading the app is simple. You can click on the picture above to download or click here to be redirected to Playstore for download.

Alternatively, you can open your Google Playstore app on your phone and search for ‘StopLearn’ to download the app to your device. You can download to mobile phone and Tablets.

How to Use App is a free learning platform for High school and Secondary school students. It is designed to make students perform excellently in exams and class works and also as a better alternative to hiring home tutors or subscribing to paid apps. We have also added vocational courses that is out of the O’Level syllabus.

Here is how to use StopLearn:

  1. Use the search box at the top of the StopLearn home page to search for any class lesson note or subject (with videos) in High school curriculum. We are the Google for secondary school students.
  2. You can enroll in a virtual classroom by clicking on your class from Class 1-6. In this way, StopLearn serves as a virtual High school. All classes are free.
  3. Use our Discussion Forum to socialize with other learners and also submit class assignments for discussion.

You do not need to hire a home tutor or subscribe to any paid app or website. No credit card required. At, we believe that education and learning should be free and not for the privileged. We have gathered the best teachers from all around the world to ensure you perform better at school and in your exams.

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