FAQ – Solar and Inverter systems

We get a lot of questions from our customers on solar and Inverter power systems. We have tried to filter the most popular questions and below is our answer to some of the question you too may have on renewable energy and solar Inverter systems.

  1. How can I use solar to eliminate use of generator? Yes, you can use Solar power to eliminate the use of generator. Once your solar panel is mounted, the electricity generated can effectively recharge your Inverter batteries.  
  2. Can the Solar charge my inverter and still retain its own energy at the same time? If I got your question correctly, solar energy is said to be renewable because it is from the sun which is always available during the day. The electricity from the solar panels will recharge your Inverter batteries as long as the sun is up.  
  3. How many panels and what capacities of panels do I need to power my bulbs, TV and rechargeable fan? What is the cost implication? The number of solar panels you will need depends on the number of batteries you use. You can install our 12V/1.5KVA Inverter system which is rated about 1000 Watts and supports at least one 12V battery and 2 of 12V/200W solar panels. Let us know the number of TVs, Rechargeable fans and bulbs you want to power so that we can send you a quotation in a separate e-mail.  
  4. What is the guaranteed duration to discharge? Your system, especially with our durable batteries can take you all night. But once again, the duration depends on the number of loads/electrical appliances on the batteries.  
  5. What is the guaranteed life span of the device before i change it? Our Solar panels have a rated life span of 25 years. Unlike most other conventional batteries, our German made batteries can last up to 15 years on continuous use. Our Inverters will last for a lifetime when well-maintained.

P.S. This article was originally written by us but has been featured in other publications.

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