Best Inverter battery brand in Nigeria and prices

This article is written from our wealth of experience in Nigerian renewable energy sector. A lot of people ask us to recommend the best inverter deep cycle battery brand in Nigeria, they also want to know the prices of these batteries.

If you are reading this post, I believe you want the best value for your money and I guess you have either had a bad experience with an inverter battery or you know some one who invested that huge amount of money on batteries only to be disappointing at last. I hope this article guides you to make the best decision at the end.

First of all, no deep cycle battery is manufactured in Nigeria, so we will be talking about the best inverter battery brands imported into Nigeria.

Inverter batteries in Nigeria

Nigerian OEM batteries:

So there are Inverter battery brands that appears to have Nigeria influenced brand names. For example, what if you see in Alaba ‘Emeka-Solar Battery’? Its necessary I explain Nigerian OEM batteries before I delve into the task of attempting to recommend best inverter batteries in Nigeria with their prices.

Like I said, there is presently no battery factory in Nigeria. Nigerian OEM batteries are nothing but batteries manufactured mainly in China according to the importers specification, in our case Mr. Emeka.

Why talk about Nigerian OEM batteries? We cannot afford not to talk about them while discussing best inverter battery brands in Nigeria because these kind of batteries have huge market share in Nigeria. Some of them are good and can compete with some known international brands while others are nothing to write home about but only a substandard product of greedy importers.

These Nigerian OEM batteries are usually very difficult to rate because, unlike their international counterparts, Nigerian OEM deep cycle batteries do not pass through the rigorous tests and certification necessary before they are released into the market.

Secondly, Nigerian importers may not stick to a particular quality or standard in their specifications list. They can change factories and reduce the quality of their products when the price of Lead (Pb) go up. So it is hard to say that the same ‘Emeka-Solar battery’ that performed excellently last 3 years is still of the same quality.

Chinese Inverter batteries:

Now Chinese made Inverter batteries are the most popular in the world. As a matter of fact China produces for the world. For example, the famous Made in Germany Varta Deep cycle battery is actually manufactured in the China factory of the company according to strict German standard. Also a very famous Indian Inverter battery which you know very well is actually manufactured in China, Shipped to India and then shipped and sold in Nigeria and India. I had to begin with this just to show that ‘Made in China’ does not automatically translate to inferior.

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What about Chinese Inverter batteries? There is a very terrible thing about made in China inverter batteries you need to know if you really want the best battery in Nigeria. This terrible thing is that the Chinese manufacturers are extremely flexible in honoring their product quality standard. This a but complex and easy to understand. Its complex because its not exactly like the Nigerian OEM batteries, let me explain.

Assuming a marketer introduces ‘Chin Li battery’ to you, what do you usually do? google it? Yes. Now you find out Chin Li battery is sold in Australia and USA and they seem to rate it high over there. Now after just 6 months of purchasing the battery it fails you and you wonder why! The answer is very simple and it is obviously because the Chinese manufacturer don’t care. He can manufacture a 65kg 200Ah of Chin Li for his American client and a 50kg 200Ah of Chin Li for you in Nigeria. Same brand, same model, same carton, but different specs! This practice is very common.

European/American Batteries:

Then we have European and American battery brands in Nigeria. Factories operating from these regions generally are more trust worthy but there’s a big bait here. First of all lots of people mistake being trustworthy for ‘high quality’. What this simply means is that what they write in the specifications sheet is what you get. The downside here is that an European/American battery that is just as good as a Chinese battery is usually overpriced. You pay more to get same quality.

So how do you know the best inverter battery brand in Nigeria?

I would have asked you to check the specification sheet of the battery before purchase but the truth is that you don’t always trust the published specifications especially from Chinese brands. Other manufacturers put rubbish inside the battery to make it weigh more! But checking the spec sheets is still necessary, so in my opinion, look out for this:

  1. Battery number of cycle should be at least 450 in 70% DoD
  2. Battery weight for 200Ah should be at least 60kg.
  3. And…Buy from a reputable dealer.

This no 3 point is very important. You must buy from a reputable dealer that provides at least 1 year warranty on the batteries.

To be frank, #3 is the most important point. We have tens of battery brands from all over the world and it will be almost impossible to point a particular best battery brand. But a reputable dealer knows the good batteries and he most times stock only the good ones. Why should he give 1 year warranty on a battery that will last 6-11 months? By reputable dealers, we mean authorised and registered companies and not really big traders in the market. Traders are usually after the money and money alone, many (and not all) of them do not honor their warranty policies.

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A good one but you didn’t mention the batteries as stated .

Which 230ah-220ah tall tubular batteries would you recommend for rugged use, durability and warranty? I’m asking as you didn’t include a list of recommendations in the article (which is awesome by the way), to help us who might want to purchase and are seeking options.

Please I need a very strong inverter battery and solar panels.

Nice article and you explain it better but you are still the same as emeka battery because you mislead us where is the brand names and price ..

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