7 ways to take care and maintain flooded deep cycle batteries for inverter and solar power system

In today’s post, we shall show you how you can maintain or take care of your wet or flooded deep cycle batteries. In a power backup system for solar power or inverter system, only deep cycle batteries are recommend because they have the ability to be discharged deeply and bounce back after recharge with a permanent damage to the cells.

Flooded batteries are just a type of deep cycle batteries. We also have the dry cell batteries like the AGM and Gell batteries, and also the Lithium ion batteries. Unlike the dry cell batteries, flooded batteries are not maintenance free. For you to get the best out of this type of batteries, you will need to maintain them and keep them in excellent working conditions regualarly.

In another post, we have outlined the general steps you need to take to keep any battery in good shape. You can find the post here.

So let’s go to our topic for today.

7 ways to maintain a flooded battery:

1. Take care of the electrolyte. Use only distilled water.

2. Operate in an upright position. Do not tilt flooded battery to avoid spill of electrolyte.


3. Store batteries in a well ventilated area.


4. Charge with the right voltage range.


5. Monitor battery state of charge


6. Clean battery terminal to prevent corrosion.


7. Invite a qualified solar technician/engineer to inspect your system and offer expert on the spot advice. Wavetra Energy is only a call away!


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