3 cost effective solar packages for you and your family this holiday

For many families around the world, the holiday season is the perfect time to have the experience they have been yearning for all year long, visit family, hang out with friends, meet friends from childhood and spend quality time with the kids.

  The holiday sure comes with a lot of stress especially for parents who are forced to plan for the season, you are basically stretched to the limits from planning what the children will wear to the smallest things like what to eat, some parents believe they are stressed during these times but said they don’t mind since they are doing it for their family, now that tell you how important family is to most of them.

   The holiday period is definitely a period you don’t want spend beating yourself about power for most of your house chores, because definitely everyone agrees that they really need power at to complete chores at home and being a Nigerian you know the chances of having round the clock power is weird because 24/7 electricity is not one of your strong forte, so in order to enjoy the holiday with your family here are a list of things you need:

  1. WAVETRA SOLAR SYSTEM: A Wavetra solar system assures you of twenty-four hours stable electricity for use in your home or village (for those of you traveling) during the Christmas season so you don’t get to worry about the Discos, or the exorbitant bills you get charged on a monthly basis, the sun helps you in charging the system giving you leverage to be your own power supplier. Solar systems come in different capacities of 1kw, 2kw 3kw and so on….

  2. WAVETRA SOLAR GENERATOR: With Wavetra solar generator you have the ability to light up six rooms in your home with the ability of charge your phone in record time, you don’t have to stay in darkness during the Christmas season. Everyone is afraid of the dark, why celebrate Christmas in the dark when it’s not a “dark Christmas”. You have the option of charging your solar generator with the sun as well as light from the grid, meaning you don’t have to worry about the issue of charging.
  3. A BACKUP SYSTEM: A backup system during the holiday will actually help you have constant electricity even when power supply is cut off from the grid, Imagine watching your favorite Netflix show climax show and suddenly power goes off on Christmas day.. No way that is happening with a backup system.

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