Solar and Inverter installation Training tutorial videos in DVD



We provide to you an amazing and comprehensive solar training tutorials in a DVD vor visual tutorial. We have a recorded version of our tutorial on renewable energy and solar system installation for you.

You will be patient to watch the videos that shows you the hands-on guide on solar panel installation.

Learning Outcomes:

We hope that at the end of this videos, you the participant will learn how to install solar panels, and all components for your clients.

At the end of the course, you would be able to do the following:

  1. Know the principles of renewable energy
  2. Understand the various types of Solar Panels: Polycrystalline, Amorphous & Monocrystalline Technologies.
  3. Understand Load & Power Estimations & Calculations
  4. Install Solar Panels for clients
  5. Introducing Solar charge controllers
  6. Understand and learn to install PWM and MPPT Solar charge controllers.
  7. Understand Inverter & Solar Panel Specifications.

Target audience:

This course is aimed at Students, graduates, NYSC members, Engineers, Home owners, builders, Architects, Property Developers, system engineers, project managers, Consultants, electricians, roofers, anyone that has interest in Renewable energy or who want, to have a good understanding of Solar Photovoltaic. Who Should Take This Course?


A knowledge of O’Level Physics, electricity or experience in renewable energy and Inverter system is an advantage.


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