Free Intensive solar installation training in Nigeria –


You can’t afford to learn solar and renewable energy technology? We have made it free courtesy of Wavetra Energy Academy at

We have developed a robust and first of its kind online platform in Nigeria:  that will take you through all the steps and basics of solar installation and renewable energy in general

Learning Outcomes:

We hope that at the end of this course, you the participant will learn how to install solar panels, and all components for your clients.

At the end of the course, you would be able to do the following:

  1. Know the principles of renewable energy
  2. Understand the various types of Solar Panels: Polycrystalline, Amorphous & Monocrystalline Technologies.
  3. Understand Load & Power Estimations & Calculations
  4. Install Solar Panels for clients
  5. Introducing Solar charge controllers
  6. Understand and learn to install PWM and MPPT Solar charge controllers.
  7. Understand Inverter & Solar Panel Specifications.

Boost your CV with this skill. Employers pay more attention to your skills than all your degrees put together.


This training is FREE. But you will pay N15,000 for an additional one day real life practical session and additional certification.

Pay N15,000 to:

Wavetra Energy LTD


At the end of the training, you have the option of choosing an additional one day practical session at:
15 Ajao Road OFF Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.
Call/Whatsapp: 08157171707.

What happens after the training?

  1. We link you up to jobs. Wavetra Energy LTD. partners with some companies that puts a preference on graduates.
  2. We invite you to our installations for further field practice.
  3. We establish you and you stand opportunity to get solar products on credit basis and also represent Wavetra Energy LTD in your area.
  4. We add you to the Wavetra Energy Academy Alumni group
  5. Wavetra Energy LTD is a member of Council for Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria. We carry all our trainees along and provide latest industry news.

If you are interested in the other training programs please place your order and head on to


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