12kVA Inverter power system plan plus installation



Buy with a single click a complete 12kVA Inverter power system for your home and office in Nigeria. Wavetra Energy Team will install your system once your order is confirmed. Installation fee and accessories in included in the final price.

This package is only an Inverter power system which means you can not charge your batteries with solar power. This solution is adequate for a backup system especially for those that have at least 8 hours of the national grid power or a standby alternative generator for charging the batteries.

This is what you get in this package:

  1. 12kVA Pure sine wave inverter
  2. 8 X 12V 200Ah deep cycle battery
  3. Battery rack
  4. Cables, Circuit breakers and other accessories needed for installation
  5. System Installation by Wavetra Energy Team.

Please note that installation outside Lagos State may attract additional delivery charge.

So what can this system really power?

At the end, it depends on the power rating of your appliances. But basically, this system can power:

  1. 8 LED bulbs
  2. 8 Table fans
  3. 1 TVs
  4. 1 Laptops
  5. 1 Refrigerator
  6. 1 Deep freezer
  7. 3 Air conditioner

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