CSG PVTech 280W monocrystalline solar panel

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280W Mono 60 Cell Silver Frame

CSG 340W Mono 60 Cell Silver Frame
   • Silver Frame
   • 17.80% Module Efficiency
   • 60 Cell
   • Mono
   • 10 Year Product warranty
   • 5400 Pa
   • Impact test 25mm hail at 23m/s

Positive Tolerence
Strict quality control guarantee higher average power
output according to positive tolerance -0/+4.99wp.

Product Warranty
Pursuant to warranty, product quality ensure 10 years

Optimized Strength
Minimum Standard for wind 2400Pa and snow load to
5400Pa meet customer's needs for durability on high
mountain, sea shore, path between tall building.


CSG PVTech was founded in 1984 and today, after three decades, it has become one of the biggest Chinese companies in the photovoltaic industry, manufacturing high quality poly-silicon, ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar glasses and solar modules. Being in the renewable energy industry, it does not come as a surprise that CSG has been listed among the greenest manufacturers in China thanks to the adoption of hydropower energy generated by Three Gorges Dam. Thanks to a worldwide distribution network that includes agents and subsidiaries in the Middle East, in Europe, in Australia, in the US and many other countries, CSG has become a global company able to develop and install solar products around the world serving thousands of customers in the utility scale, commercial and household markets.